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ZGC Collaborators

The Zebrafish Gene Collection is a collaboration between the NIH and the zebrafish community.

External Advisory Committee

Bruce Birren (MIT)
Jane Rogers (Sanger Centre)
Will Talbot (Stanford University)
Monte Westerfield (University of Oregon)
Len Zon (Harvard Medical School)

Project Staff

Project Officers:
Elise Feingold (NHGRI)
Daniela S. Gerhard (NCI)
Project Scientist:
Rebekah Rasooly (NIDDK)
Extramural Committee:
Rebekah Rasooly (NIDDK), chair
Josie Briggs (NIDDK)
Michael Chang (NCRR)
Adam Felsenfeld (NHGRI)
Nancy Freeman (NIDCD)
Peter Good (NHGRI)
Deborah Henken (NICHD)
Tyl Hewitt (NICHD)
Judy Mietz (NCI)
Rochelle Small (NIDCR)
Danilo Tagle (NINDS)
Bioinformatics and Web Design:
Susan Greenhut (NCI)
Carl Schaefer (NCI)
Lynn Schriml (NCBI)
Carolyn Shenmen (NCBI)
Lukas Wagner (NCBI)


The ZGC gratefully acknowledges the following generous contributors:
  • Sumio Sugano and Yutaka Suzuki of the Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo for library construction.
  • Stephen L. Johnson, Principal Investigator of the WashU-Zebrafish Genome Resources Project , and Yijun Ruan of the Genome Institute of Singapore, who both donated clones, sequenced at the 5' ends, to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. After analysis, selected clones were subsequently picked for full-length insert sequencing.
  • Geoffrey Duyk of Exelixis, who sequenced clones at their 5' ends.
  • The many collaborators who contributed tissues to ZGC. Each provider is given credit on the specific ZGC library information website page and the individual GenBank pages of each clone's sequence.