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pDNR-LIB Library Method Overview

BD Biosciences Clontech, Mountain View, CA, constructed libraries in the pDNR-LIB vector using the SMART™ (Switching Mechanism at the 5'-end of RNA Transcript) proprietary method. For details of the protocol, please read the Download Plugin Adobe Acrobat Reader Creator™ SMART™ cDNA Library Construction Kit User Manual. Briefly, the method is as follows:
  • BD PowerScript™ Reverse transcriptase (RT) was used to add a stretch of cytosine residues on the end of newly synthesized cDNA. This terminal transferase activity of the RT is only significant when RT reaches the 5'-end of mRNA template.
  • The BD SMART Oligo, containing an adaptor sequence and dG, specifically bound to the dC stretch generating the extended template for RT. Second strand synthesis was easily accomplished using linear or exponential amplification with the adaptor primers.
  • Adaptors containing the rare asymmetrical restriction sites for Sfi I enabled directional cloning of the cDNA into the Creator pDNR-LIB Library Vector.


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