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MGC Clones

MGC clones are available without restriction to the scientific community through the IMAGE consortium distribution network. When ordering, please have the IMAGE ID and the GenBank accession number available.

US Distributors:

European Distributors:

Change in Distribution of Human and Mouse MGC Clones

Due to the high levels of redundancy in the human and mouse MGC collections, clones from those species arrayed for 5' sequencing since October 2002 (production plates LLAM, LLCM, and LLKM) will no longer be routinely available from the IMAGE Consortium Distributors. Please note the following changes, in place since October 2002:
  • All human and mouse MGC clones have an 8-digit IMAGE identifier to distinguish them from clones made prior to this date, which have 5, 6, or 7 digit identifiers.
  • Only human and mouse clones sent out for full-length sequencing are available from all IMAGE distributors on a routine basis (as before).
  • Human and mouse MGC clones not sent out for full-length sequencing can still be ordered directly from the IMAGE Consortium Distributors but require additional processing time. The distributor may suggest an alternative clone from the same UniGene cluster, if one is available, but the requester can always obtain the original clone.

MGC Libraries

A limited number of MGC libraries prepared by Clontech and Invitrogen, Inc. can be purchased directly from these vendors..